Forty minutes north of Victoria lies a valley set amidst scenic mountains and gentle bays. The Cowichan Valley, also known as Vancouver Island’s southeastern front-pocket, is full of quaint and charming communities. The Cowichan region is located in Canada’s only Maritime Mediterranean climatic zone, resulting in the warmest year-round temperature anywhere in Canada.  This warm and moist climate has led to lush plant growth, blooming vineyards and spectacular landscapes. The district has about 100,000 residents, and not to mention heaps of tourists all year long.

Things to do/attractions

Cowichan Valley has so many diverse activities to offer that it’s simply overwhelming. There is a lively cultural scene with music and art being celebrated and showcased all throughout the district. Culinary tourism is on the upswing and has established Cowichan Valley as a foodie nirvana. This region knows how to celebrate fine wining and dining. Choose from an abundance of dining out options and cuisines. There are endless outdoor pursuits to fit every mood and preference; go kayaking one day and trail hiking or biking on another. Enjoy diving from the waters off Maple Bay or spend a day on one of Cowichan’s 6 beautiful golf courses. And of course, the sea is never too far – there are so many gorgeous scenic beach spots all over the region that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Almost 2 dozen marinas, harbors and docks await to take you on a journey of boating and exploration.

Hospitals, schools, colleges, public transport

Cowichan Valley has only the best to offer in terms of education and healthcare facilities. There are a number of reliable and conveniently situated establishments provided by Island Health dotted throughout the entire district, offering the highest level of care. The Cowichan Valley school district contains 18 elementary schools and 4 high schools. There are several reputable universities nearby as well including Vancouver Island University. Cowichan Valley has its own Regional Transit System in addition to bus service being available from Nanaimo or Victoria with many stops in the Cowichan Region. Ferry terminals also operate from multiple locations. Nanaimo Airport is located at the northern edge of the valley.


There are many splendid shopping centers located in the valley’s small towns to choose from. Or, there’s another option – set off to discover one of countless hidden gems such as studios and galleries, farm markets, tea shops, book stores and antique shops. Knickknacks, artisan creations such as pottery and blown glass, First Nation crafts, interesting hobby shops and all sorts of unique shopping experiences await you.

Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

Perhaps the most talked-about and well-known attraction of the region would be the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. Set in front of Mount Prevost in Cowichan Valley, it is a private membership club and motorsports playground. It offers a 2.3-kilometer road course, a dynamic driving area to refine reactive skills, and a 1.0 kilometer off-road proving ground. All in all, it is definitely a motorsport enthusiast’s dream come true!

Why would someone want to live here?

Anything a place can have to offer; Cowichan Valley has that and more. There’s no better place to live than a spot where other’s wish to come to vacation in – and become a permanent vacationer in your own town. Cowichan region is where you’ll find the most pleasant climate of the country and some of the most breathtaking, picturesque sights Canada has to offer. The grand assortment of activities and on-going events ensure that life in Cowichan Valley is sure to be an exciting venture.