Lake Cowichan – Nature’s Gift to Canada

A jewel sits in the middle of a rainforest with the world’s largest, tallest and oldest trees. This beautiful town is located on the East End Lake Cowichan, British Columbia. The town is intersected in the middle by the Cowichan River and can be deemed as a haven for those who want to live surrounded by hills and don’t want to miss out on the pristine waters. With a population of estimated 3000, the area usually experiences dry, warm summers and mild winters with a very low probability of snowfall. The Lake is over 31 km (19 mi.) long and enjoys 150 km of undulating shoreline.

Things to do/attractions

The rolling hills and gentle bays give residents a chance of hiking, biking and watersports ranging from action packed jet skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing and windsurfing. Sports and outdoors is not the only attraction of this beautiful town. The Town of Lake Cowichan is the main community on the lake and offers a variety of amenities including restaurants, banks, retail shops, a grocery store, gas stations, accommodations, campgrounds, rental companies, tours, guides & some outdoor specialty shops.

From Lake Cowichan you can also easily access Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast via the Pacific Marine Circle Route that takes you to Port Renfrew. Port Renfrew has excellent salmon and halibut fishing as well at the highly popular Botanical Beach; an excellent place to investigate rich tide pools, a shoreline full of life and fantastic geological features. You can also access the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail from here. The trail is a rugged 47-kilometre wilderness hiking trail located that stretches from China Beach to Botanical Beach, The trail can be hiked in part, as a day hike, or backpacked in its entirety in four to six days.

The lake is situated in a forested valley surrounded by mountains. Some of the mountains located near the village include Mount Sutton, Mount Vernon, Heather Mountain, Mount Buttle, Mount Holmes, and Baldy Mountain. Many have hiking trails leading to stunning viewpoints. Break out your hiking boots and climb nearby Mt. Whymper and enjoy the bragging rights of having climbed the highest mountain in Canada…south of the 49th parallel!

Hospitals, schools, colleges, public transport

The schools in the town ensure well-educated and well-mannered younger generations. Owing to the small population, teachers are able to focus more on their students which is evident in the rising grades of high schoolers in the area. The community of Lake Cowichan also takes necessary steps to eradicate bullying in schools and creating a safe place to learn. Their anti-bullying website has a plethora of advice and guidelines to understand discourage and eradicate the practice. The education system not only caters to the children of the community but keeps the adults engaged as well. With international school programs and adult educational programs, the educational needs of all ages are fulfilled.

To keep the community healthy and happy, integrated healthcare system has been employed in place, which brings the doctors and the patients to one platform and work together towards a healthy and thriving community.


This quaint little town is full of shopping adventures, be it window shopping or the exploration of galleries, farm markets, studios, book shops and antique shops. There are endless opportunities for the creative minds to showcase their handy work at open air markets and hobby shops.

Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

A few minutes away from Lake Cowichan, is Canada’s only year round motor sport facility. It is a private membership club where businessmen and enthusiasts come together to enjoy their love of motorsport. The Clubhouse at the facility is considered to be a true driver’s heaven. One of the best features about the circuit is the storage facility where the driver’s vehicle is stored, maintained and repaired in track-ready condition. The facility boasts circuits fit for Grand Prix, clubhouse with driver’s lounge, training rooms and pit garages along with a resort located 20 minutes away from the circuit, tucked away among the clouds.  The motorsport facility is truly the Disneyland for drivers and definitely a major plus for residing drivers.

Lake Cowichan is truly Vancouver Island’s best kept secret; beautiful, serene and crisp. Vancouver Island’s best kept secret.