Nanaimo – The Real Life White Harbour

The headquarters of the Regional District of Nanaimo and the literal hub of Vancouver – situated in a centralized site on the island off the Pacific – Nanaimo is a city of immense hustle and bustle, and of much social interaction. It is also known as the “Harbour City” which might remind of you of White Harbour from Game of Thrones, and for the same reason: it is a popular harbor for ships and the like, hence the telltale name. Nanaimo has a rich history going back to the time when its chief inhabitants were indigenous tribes. Later it came to be explored by Spanish voyagers, and still later by the British in the 19th Century. It was in the 1800s that Nanaimo became a major trading hub, when the British discovered that the city was rich and well stocked in the natural resource of the black diamond: coal. It was through the trade of coal that Nanaimo soon surfaced as a major trading harbor, and the trading galleys of course brought with them an adequate number of people visiting to see the famed city. Most, however, stayed to settle, struck by the beauty and comforts of the city – and to this day Nanaimo has been regarded as a city most well-suited for living. The living constitute of about an eighty four thousand inhabitants, thus making it neither over populated nor a barren wasteland.

Apart from the coal mines, Nanaimo had the third largest Chinatown to boast of, and diversity is to be found easily in the city, little though it might otherwise seem to people from big, brawny towns. Its climate is like its constitution: easy and enjoyable, and very comfortable indeed. The summers are cool and dry instead of hot and humid, rainfall is negligible, and the winters are temperate, not teeth-rattling cold, with little snowfall, which brings out the beauty of the region. The sun is generous but not overly indulgent in providing scorching heat. Overall these features render Nanaimo as a very pleasant place to settle in, full of cool breezes and dewdrops.

Nanaimo’s Attractions – The Natural, the Nautical, and More!

One of British Columbia’s most promising cities, Nanaimo is one laden with attractions for both the energetic and the idle, the old and the young, the quiet and the peppy – for everyone, to be precise. Of course, being situated off the ocean and being a very important and busy harbor its marine attractions are the most in number – Nanaimo does not lack for cruises, boat tours, fishing or boating or anything beachy and watery, but its better attractions are those that few other places would have to offer to the general public. Such as snorkeling with seals! Who would have thought of that? The Englishman River Falls Provincial Park has one of the most breathtaking waterfalls you will ever see, and the Maffeo Sutton Park makes for a decent outing on one of the relatively cooler days. The Newcastle Island is a humble retreat where to enjoy a few day’s quiet respite; one of people’s favorite spots, and Neck Point Park has seen one too many weddings owing to its amazing location. Westwood Lake Park is quite scenic with its crystal clear lake and the wilderness reflecting right off it as if it were a clear glass mirror, polished to perfection by God Himself. The Nanaimo Museum is where residents head on particularly rainy days, and is often is frequented by the art aficionados of the neighborhood. Ziplining and Ferries are to be found in great numbers, so are Nature and Wildlife tours to be found abundantly. Morrell Sanctuary is particularly green and peaceful, covered by a canopy of leaves, with sunlight slanting through it on sunny days when it much appears the face of an enchanted forest from one of Grimm’s fairytales. Bowen Park has an exceptional tennis court to offer. Kayaking and canoeing of course comes as a staple to any city located by the ocean. There are even some farmer’s markets, casinos, and word has it that White Sails Brewing brews the best beer in British Columbia!

Hospitals/Schools/Colleges/Public Transport

While the city of Nanaimo makes use of a good size regional airport, its more interesting traffic choice is the car and passenger ferry. Being located off the Pacific Ocean, it is of course very sensible for the city to have ferry terminals. Three highways are spread about the city, and the Nanaimo Regional Transit has the reigns of the bus service. Marine vessels both small and large are at liberty to float the waters, and wharfs too are to be found in plenty. All considered, transport should be the least of all concerns for someone who resides in Nanaimo. In fact, going by how well provisioned the transport services really are; it shouldn’t be a troubling aspect at all.

It might be a popular tourist spot, dotted with plenty of amusements and to the outsider might very well appear to be as someplace that is for the purposes of tourism only, but there is more to Nanaimo than meets the eye. Its populace is no alien to good schools, colleges, and universities, neither to hospitals and other institutions of public import. It is a city fit for living and residence, as has been for many years. The present residents of Nanaimo have nothing to want – they are well provisioned.


The shopping scene does not lack in brilliance either, as the rest of Nanaimo does not lack in anything. While the Woodgrove Center is clearly the most popular of all its shopping malls – in fact it attracts shopaholics from all over Vancouver Island – it has more malls to offer to the local populace, a few of which are the Nanaimo North Town Center and the Country Club Center, both well reputed and teeming with people on the weekends and weekdays alike.

Why would someone want to live there?

Nanaimo is small city – but well-located and well-provisioned. It is economically and politically sound, naturally endowed with great beauty and resources, and its public facilities are to perfection. Moreover its reputation with the tourists of the world gives it a worldwide fame and brings economy to the city. Its harbors are always full and its climate pleasant: all in all, a most comfortable residence for the peaceful hermit.