Vanity Vancouver Island – The Fairest of Vacations

Populated sparsely with about seven hundred sixty thousand people, Vancouver Island is nestled in the blue waters of the great Pacific, lying lazily in the South West of Canada’s coast. Its name comes from an interesting history – Vancouver Island gets its name from George Vancouver, a British naval captain. Explored both by the British and the Spanish in the 18th Century, Vancouver Island is no newbie to the peoples of the world – especially those people who are fond of tourism and vacationing. The topology of the island is a mountainous one, which means that the weather is a mixture of high mountain cool and lowland warmth. The climate is particularly beautiful, regardless of the altitudes, however it the summits of the mountains makes for a adventurous expedition if one is daring enough. To its West the island is rugged and spotted with mountains and bays, the Vancouver Island Ranges cover a huge chunk of the island, and beyond that to its West the island has the mighty waters of the Pacific lapping at its shore. The island itself is spotted by the bluest lakes and even a glacier near the center – making it a truly diverse location where it concerns the choicest spots. Many a retired person has decided to make his abode Vancouver Island, to live in peace and surrounded by such extravagance of beauty. Such a clean and diverse island is nothing but the dream location of many a nature lover: frequented almost all year long by tourists from all over the world, Vancouver Island is one of the top, most desired vacationing points.

Vancouver Island’s Various Attractions – Nature, Wildlife, History, Politics, Architecture, and More!

Vancouver Island has no lack of attractions –tourists and travelers mix with the lucky locals for the sole reason that it has such a variety of attractions and activities to offer. With no shortage of beautiful natural sights, mountain peaks standing solemn in the background and the mighty ocean at the forefront, Vancouver Island is just the place for a nature lover to visit. It is neither too isolated nor too crowded for any person to feel comfortable: extroverts will find quite the number of people to interact with – if not too many then neither quite few – and introverts will find themselves well cut off from the likes of overcrowded locations like Hawaii or Miami.

The things you can do in Vancouver Island range from fishing and swimming to solemn walks and hikes – all thanks to its diverse topography. It is an amalgam between a beach and a mountainous territory which makes it all the more suitable candidate compared to other locations on the globe. Many places exist that will give the visitor a pleasantly shocking taste of the serenity and sheer beauty of Mother Nature. The Butchart Gardens are glamorously vibrant in their glory, the peaks of the Ranges rising at the back and the gardens offering to people the perfect retreat from the hustle of the shore. However if walking by the shore is more your forte, then the Wild Pacific Trail makes for some pretty awesome walking trails – making for the perfect walk with wild waters lapping not very far away. For the more studious and intrigued they have the Royal BC Museum – full of new experiences for its visitors. For those with a love of marine life this island has quite the array of attractions – it is nestled in the great Pacific after all, and Dolphin and Whale Watching are among some of the most entertaining activities people take to when on the Island. Then there is the Beacon Hill Park – a most serene and calm location with lakes and green grass to relax the weary traveler. Tofino’s Chesterman Beach is particularly gorgeous when seen at sunset – turning the waters of the Pacific a fiery orange-red so much so it seems that the very ocean is on fire, like Cleopatra’s throne.  Boat Tours and Cruises are of course a staple, as would be of any island, but Vancouver Island has some pretty amazing Wildlife tours to offer as well, owing to its abundance in fauna. The Pacific Rim National Park too has quite the Wildlife experience to offer to both the local and the international visitor. For those with a love of surfing, there is Tofino’s Long Beach – especially a marked territory for the more romantic who prefer walking barefoot in the sand. The Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park and Cathedral Grove are for those with a deep rooted (pun totally intended) love for trees and woodlands, set in thick groves and covered with a blanket of leaves, very much like a canopy. Being blessed to extremes in both flora and fauna, Vancouver Island lacks nothing when it comes to Nature and Wildlife exploration. There is even the Chemainus Theatre for the lovers of film and Art, the Craigdarroch Castle for those with a taste for medieval architecture, and the British Columbia Parliament Buildings for those who love political history. These and many more are the luxurious attractions that Vancouver Island has to offer, and it would be a sad shame if anyone with half a mind to vacation would miss on this chance! A thing of beauty is a joy forever, and Vancouver Island is a place of excessive beauty.

Hospitals/Schools/Colleges/Public Transport

Vancouver Island is not solely a place for tourism and vacationing, however – it has quite the number of people residing in its premises and of course institutions like hospitals and schools, while might not be a direct concern for people visiting the region, are very much an important concern for the people who permanently reside there. Vancouver Island has a handful of universities – including some known ones such as the Vancouver Island University and the University of Victoria – and schools and colleges are to be found in plenty. Hospitals, Fire Departments, and other such important public institutions are very well located within easy reach. Private institutions too are present in quite the numbers so as to keep the public deeply satiated. Public transport is also one of the public’s main concerns which needs not be fretted about, since Vancouver Island has seen to its transportation as well as it has seen to its other institutions. There is also the choice of marine transport which of course does not come as a surprise for an island.


Like any other town or city – shopping malls are a big must: even for an island. The shopping scene on Vancouver Island might not rival that of New York or London, but it doesn’t disappoint. It has some huge malls to boast of, with shops of all natures and sizes open for the pleasure of the shopaholics visiting and living there. Some of the best known malls are The Bay Center, Woodgrove Center Mall, Mayfair Shopping Center, Willow Street Antique Mall, and Uptown. The island is very well known for its vast array of craft shops, fine art galleries, eclectic clothing stores and purveyors of fine locally sourced gourmet fare.

Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

Who would have thought that a solemn little island located in the heart of the might Pacific would have one of the world’s most loved country clubs – that to something that has to do with cars? Well, big surprise there, no doubt. The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is one of the best things about living in Vancouver. Car enthusiast, gather round for one of the most exclusive year round motorsport facilities that Canada has to offer: that to located right off the ocean – how great is that? Boasting a 2.3 kilometers road course, the Motorsport Circuit is something a car and racing lover’s wildest dreams are made of – which makes it one of the best things about Vancouver Island. Fewer other places on Earth have such a fantabulous facility to offer to its residents!

Why would someone want to live there?

Why wouldn’t anyone not want to live on Vancouver Island? For one, it’s got dolphins! And it’s got pretty much everything else. From nature to wildlife, attractions to facilities, and let’s not forget the shopping scene and the world class motorsport attraction – Vancouver Island is the complete package. It’s got a rich history and some of the best architecture, but what it has to offer as a place of permanent residence is of even more import: a calm, serene, peaceful abode with the sound of the waves hitting the shore to one side and the protection of the mountains to the other.