Ann Buttner-Danyliw

Operations Manager

Ann works as our unlicensed operations manager and is an integral component to the success of our team. In her position as Operations Manager, Ann is responsible for the overall internal operations of our business. She is the one who ensures the large volumes of daily activity we work through are managed in an efficient, orderly and professional manner. Attending to your real estate needs in a relaxed, professional manner, with above average attention to detail is the level of service you can expect from us.

Ann was born and grew up in Toronto. At a very early age she showed prowess to succeed at a very high level. As a teen she attended a highly specialized school with a modified course program that allowed her to pursue competitive swimming at a very advanced level.

Although she was on track to perform on the world stage, an unfortunate injury prevented her from being able to continue her dream. Never being one to sit idly by, she quickly moved on to work for Timothy’s Coffee. Her business acumen was identified early on and she was quickly elevated to the position of being responsible for opening new stores in and around metro Toronto. The consummate overachiever, Ann also found time to attend university and successfully attain a B.A. degree. Prior to leaving Toronto to move to BC, Ann was the General Manager for a large property holding company where she had 75 employees and some 1500 properties to manage.

Upon arriving in BC, Ann quickly found employment as a pharmaceutical representative working for Abbott Laboratories. She retired from this vocation upon the arrival of her and Brian’s children Jakob and Maggy. In addition to her many accomplishments in her various careers and athletic endeavours, Ann enjoys spending time with family, many outdoor pursuits, reading and working in the garden.

With Ann‘s strong background in business as well as academics, you can rest assured knowing that your real estate transaction; from the processing of the paperwork to the arranging of appointments and everything in between, is being handled by a highly skilled and proficient office manager. Ann is just one more tangible reason why we surpass the competition when it comes to looking after your real estate needs.