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The Agency

The Agency is a full-service, luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company representing clients worldwide in a broad spectrum of classes, including residential, new development, resort real estate, residential leasing and luxury vacation rentals. 

Since its inception in 2011, The Agency has redefined the business of real estate, modernizing and advancing the industry by fostering a culture of partnership in which all clients and listings are represented in a collaborative environment by all of its agents. Shunning the traditional model of how real estate is practiced, our agents share their knowledge, spheres of influence, contacts and expertise, ensuring our clients better representation and a true competitive edge. 

The Agency extends far beyond what a conventional brokerage firm offers. It envisions itself as both a lifestyle company committed to informing and connecting global communities, and as a creative agency offering design, marketing and sales solutions for buyers, sellers, developers and investors across the globe.

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Redefining the Real Estate Industry

“The Agency fosters a culture of partnership in which all clients and listings are represented in a cooperative environment by all its agents, thereby ensuring its clients and listings have the competitive edge.” Mauricio Umansky, CEO and co-founder.

“Leveraging the most emergent technologies and social media strategies, The Agency envisions itself as more than just a real estate brokerage; it is a lifestyle company committed to informing and connecting global communities.” Billy Rose, President and co-founder.

Extraordinary Marketing – Working with The Danyliw Group

Experience, diligence, and execution at the highest level has caused Brian to be involved in many marquee real estate transactions on Vancouver Island.  

Each client, prior to hiring the Danyliw Group, receives a personal consultation, an in-depth market analysis, and a presentation that includes the philosophy and a breakdown of the industry-leading marketing strategy.  

Marketing of the highest level is at the core of the Danyliw Group. Extensive campaigns consisting of print, video, and social media marketing provide their clients with an unmatched level of exposure. Photography, video, and property brochures are nothing short of exemplary.  

As a member of The Agency their clients receive the additional benefits of social media, television, and news media, expanding their reach to new audiences across North America. The Agency’s top agents are featured in television shows such as Million Dollar Listing and What’s for Sale with a View and are highly regarded as leaders and innovators of the industry.  

Agents of The Agency embrace team philosophy unlike any other brokerage. The Agency Rule No. 1 being ‘the sum is greater than its parts’ certifies that each agent helps, encourages, and connects clients to agents locally and in new markets. 

When you choose the Danyliw Group you’ve chosen to work with great people dedicated to achieving the best results for you and your family.

Current Agency Website & Social Media Stats

The Agency Website:

6.5 Million annual website views

800k annual website visitors

275k weekly newsletter subscribers

The Agency Instagram:

750k average weekly post impressions

250k average weekly post reach

20k average weekly profile visits

200k+ followers

The Agency YouTube:

84k subscribers

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The Agency’s weekly Edit newsletter is sent to approx. 275k recipients every Saturday

Our Team

Brian Danyliw

Managing Partner British Columbia & Calgary AB

Brian is a skilled & committed real estate professional who brings a lifetime of Vancouver Island knowledge to his profession. Motivated, experienced and approachable, his philosophy is to attend to your real estate needs in a relaxed, professional manner, with above average attention to detail.

With over 20 years of real estate experience, his past entrepreneurial accomplishments include owning successful construction and adventure tourism businesses.

Ann Buttner-Danyliw

Operations Manager

Ann works as our unlicensed operations manager and is an integral component to the success of our team. In her position as Operations Manager, Ann is responsible for the overall internal operations of our business. She is the one who ensures the large volumes of daily activity we work through are managed in an efficient, orderly and professional manner. Attending to your real estate needs in a relaxed, professional manner, with above average attention to detail is the level of service you can expect from us.

Kaleena Ellison

Office Coordinator

Kaleena works as our unlicensed Office Coordinator and is another key member that creates the success of our team. In her position as Office Coordinator, Kaleena fills several roles within our organization including listing management and client care. She is the one who makes sure that all of our interactions with our clients are handled in a professional and seamless manner. As with all of our team, her goal is to provide you with a relaxed, professional experience, with above average attention to detail.

Welcome to Canada The Agency

Landing on Vancouver Island in September 2018, The Agency expanded it’s reach to Canadian territory with momentum and ambition. After a week-long trip to Los Angeles for coaching and training, Brian Danyliw and Jason Binab hit the ground running here on the island and have welcomed a number of new REALTOR®’s to The Agency team. Continuously growing, The Agency’s early success in BC is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s to come.

Significant Sales

The Agency has represented some of the most extraordinary homes in the North America, and our network has represented some of the most significant homes and clientele in the world.

We understand that exceptional properties require superlative marketing, discretion and service to reach an elite international set of buyers — and we have the depth of experience, breadth of international marketing programs and the relationships to deliver them to your door.